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Our first blog!

Posted by Sy on

Welcome to our world. I am an avid motorcyclist with 16 proud years under my belt. My wife and partner, Lexi, equally shares my same passion. We have two little tykes, Jaxen and Xavier, who both love motorcycles too.

Just this year, we saw the need to fill a void locally and countrywide. Our soon-to-be location will be a hip destination spot not only for NJ residents, but to be an attraction for people from all over. MRC's online presence will be consistent with our mission. We are simply here to give you the best shopping experience. Sure there are other similar business models elsewhere, but we distinctly provide unique items you may not normally find anywhere else.  We love to promote US made products as well as quality manufacturers from abroad.  

Stop on by and take a look at our offering. You may be surprised to find some interesting things whether you ride or not.



"Riding a bike is like an art- a thing that you do because you feel something inside." ~Valentino Rossi
Photo: @kevino