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Montclair Riding Company is the home and heart of people revamping the motorcycle market with a new flair.  Unsatisfied by mainstream products in the marketplace, we offer unique moto apparel and protective gear, including future works of a fresh looking brand of our own. We like mixing things up when it comes to describing our design aesthetic, and detail is not spared.  Even if you wear Kevlar pants with a suit jacket or a leather jacket with cut-off denim shorts, that’s ok in our books. The environment of Montclair Riding Company is eclectic, combining high quality products found across the country and around the globe. We serve a one-of-a-kind experience whether you ride or not.


The icon shows the acronym MRC with a slight hint of the letter O in the center of the C to complete the “abbreviation” Co.  The icon is derived from the classic look of the 60’s-70’s era. Our focus is to bring back old American character and soul without compromising the moto culture.  We are a company blending riders and non-riders especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment; to associate with or be in good company with Montclair Riding is just the beginning of our story.

Evolving as motorcycle enthusiasts, we are always craving newness and originality.  We gather men and women to talk bikes, harvest new friendships and try new stuff out.  It’s that simple.

Come join us for the ride...


Montclair Riding Co.

179 Glenridge Avenue

Montclair, NJ 07042